Sunday in Haiti


Photographs of broken bodies, makeshift tents, and anxious crowds are poignant, but this sight moved me in a different and powerful way. Notice the symbol of hope and love on the foreground of utter destruction. The mute colors, the diffuse light, the wonder of that which has remained intact and will always remain so, is an apt symbol of hope and peace for the Haitian people. Regardless of one’s faith or the direction of their intellectual energy, this picture can’t help but move the soul. My experience here has changed my perspective on life. I see the insistence of the Spirit to always and forever make itself known. There have been countless miracles – those people that managed to survive against all odds and, like this tiny church, will some day be rebuilt and whole again.

Once again, thank you all for your kind thoughts, prayers, and good wishes.

Peace Out!

Dr. Dan Ivankovich (@ReverendDoctorD)

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