Greetings from Haiti!


Just spent a night under the stars in downtown Port-au-Prince listening to fighter planes taking off every half-hour. After a while, you hardly notice them. The helicopters and cargo planes are a different story. Those things are loud!

Slept a couple of hours and enjoyed a delicious power bar for breakfast. There’s no electricity, running water or plumbing. Glad I brought my Hi-Karate cologne, if you catch my drift . . . Wouldn’t miss this for the world.

It’s very desperate here in Port-au-Prince. There continue to be daily aftershocks and we’re deluged with wounds and fractures. I personally brought in almost 2000 pounds of supplies with the help of the dedicated people I have the good fortune to work with. PAP airport security tried to confiscate the materials. Here’s hoping it will get through.

I’ve befriended a paramilitary group working with Catholic Charities that has leveraged their relationships to get us our supplies. There is still need for sterile OR supplies . . . gowns, packs, gloves, dressings, scalpels, crutches, casting materials to supplement donated fixation devices, and many other items . . . and we need them NOW! (donation tab at

Also need to know when supply shipments are going to arrive. There is pallet upon pallet of supplies sitting in the airport on lockdown, not being released.

We will need to meet incoming personnel at the airport with our security detail. Even if supplies are sent with the best of intentions, they won’t do any good if we can’t get our hands on them.

There’s no phone service, but it looks like I can text and email. Every little bit of your generosity will help us get out from under this backlog of suffering.

I’m working out of CDTI hospital and will be establishing a FAST (Forward Assist Surgical Team) to do cases in the field near the epicenter of the earthquake.


United Airlines has established humanitarian flights and can bring supplies directly into the PAP airport. We can take it from there. I’m working with Ms. Nicole Lee-Kline from United. She rocks!

I’ve never run anything like this before and will be learning as I go. Bear with me as we establish some solid systems to serve the immediate orthopedic and medical needs of the courageous and stoic Haitian people.

Peace Out!

Dr. Dan Ivankovich (@ReverendDoctorD)

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